High-quality materials

The use of the appropriate materials

The use of the appropriate materials for the right field of application takes priority with us. We are always looking for new materials that help us satisfy our customers' wishes. Materials that can be cleaned more easily and are less prone to contamination and damage. 

That will even after years look as if you had only recently acquired your unit.

Our team is always available to give you advice on how to look after the materials used and will show you what is important in order to make your unit shine as well as the perfect way to present your products. 

production companies

ERTL GLAS Aktiengesellschaft
Franz Kollmann Strasse 3
A-3300 Amstetten

T +43 7472 62700
F +43 7472 62700 432
E info@ertl-glas.at
W www.ertl-glas.at 

Fosalnice 5
8330 Metlika - Slovenia

T +43 3179 231 84
F +43 3179 231 84 4
E shb.auer@kerrock-austria
W www.kerrock-austria.at/kerrock.htm

SHB Haustechnik GmbH
Weizer Straße 14
8162 Passail

T +43 3179 231 84
F +43 3179 231 84 4
E shb.auer@kerrock-austria.at
W www.kerrock-austria.at