Delicatessen & meat display cases

Presentation of sausages and cheeses in individual shape and colour

An up-to-date and customer-specific design and striking colours have a high recognition value. Shopping becomes an experience of pleasure and creates a pleasant shopping feeling. In cooperation with the customer we develop and build an ideal delicatessen display case for you with the exact measurements you need. 

Work space, display trays, outer paneling will be designed according to your colour- and material requirements. 

Technical Details

  • Base frame made from high quality stainless steel
  • Cooling tanks made from food-safe plastic
  • Normal temperature range according to customer's wishes
  • Easy to service


  • Customer specific design and measurements
  • Easy maintenance
  • Up-to-date technology


Ing. Alexander Doczekal

T +43 1 699 97 90  
F +43 1 699 97 90 - 911  

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